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Let's start an argument about arguments!  

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2020-06-20 3:57 am  


That's odd. Must be my brain fog, but, I thought I remembered that when it compiles, the errors list from the bottom first

I'm probably thinking of something else

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2020-06-21 12:57 am  

Lets n ot there  are enough disputes out there now if that is what i am to expect here I do not need any more

I am a 80 year old ex ham raido opeerator lookinng to learn abouutarduinoand ass. cooding


I live in the north end of Idaho County in the great statate of o Idaho in the QUIET TOWN O kOOSKIA OVERLOKING THE cLEARWATER RIVER

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2020-06-21 5:46 pm  

@itscaseydambit Happy to help! I found it interesting too. I personally wouldn't call functions within arguments to functions, especially ones with side effects.

This problem reminds me of "race conditions", a topic in an operating systems course I took way back. This arises when you have several tasks you would like to do in parallel but that actually need to be done in serial order for the correct result.

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