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Copy Android Phone App to Arduino in Order To Display Oximetry Data for Covid-19

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I have built an emergency ventilator and want to add an oxygen sensor / heart rate monitor to it via Bluetooth so that the patient doesn't have to hooked up with wires. Rather than building an esp32/max30102 device (which I have done - bulky and imprecise) I would like to use a commercial oximeter (e.g., a ViHealth Oximeter + android app), which is neatly packaged and transmits Bluetooth. My question: is there a way to get the ViHealth phone app (or any other phone app for which you don't have the code) into a c++ program on a desktop computer, so that I can reprogram it for an Arduino? Google Play Console? I think that all I need is to be able to somehow grab the  Bluetooth signal. I have installed the nRF Connect app on my Android, but am too clueless to get it to display the English names of scanned devices. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Although your intentions may be noble, I believe the consensus, from top to bottom on this forum, is NOT to make homemade medical equipment, especially if it could mean life or death dependency.

I did read that someone in California had built a ventilator controlled by a microprocessor that was going to be tested in Brazil because no one in the first world was prepared to touch it.

Ventilators are really expensive pieces of equipment that need professional operators, not the sort of thing to be attempted by people who build robots or simple sensor-based systems.

I have also read that the critical operation of ventilators is the control of oxygen pressure applied to the lungs dependant on the patient's ability or lack of ability to breathe on his own.

Don't expect too much help with this request.

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I concur, but I have other reasons too!

I despise anyone who even thinks they can take my information without consent, for any reason, I repeat... for ANY REASON!  The world has gone mad, and too many people (sheep) are blind!

No one has the right to access my personal and private information, and this is nothing short of greedy and tyrannical to me!

Sorry for my off topic rant!

Screw the globalist bastards (generalising here)!