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Arduino Library Confusion, missing .h files  


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2020-04-02 9:02 pm  

Hey all...

seems that every time ( well not every time but about 98% of the time) I DL a library file to my IDE it stores a copy in my download folder ( Im okay with that, in fact I prefer it to happen) and it also drops the info into the library folder ( which I suppose its supposed to do). When I open up Arduino to open the file/project, theres always a .h file or 3 missing, tells me there is no such file/folder etc. And trying to find such files that are "missing" in the library ( the one we DL from (( Library manager))) is nearly impossible ( well impossible for me since I havent found any of the missing .h files )...

sooo, whats the story? are the files Im choosing so old that the associated .h files that the program ( sketch) ask for are no longer there or what??  Im at a loss as what to do on locating those pesky missing .h files.

for example, I wanted to DL with the library manager in Arduino the XPT2046_calibration files. I found the files in the library, installed them, opened up Arduino, opened the file set, did the open touch calibration, did the verify/compile, and thats where it tells me of the missing .h files, in this case, XPT2046_calibration h. file is no such file or directory...  but, the file is sitting in  the src folder, do I need to manually move it to a specific folder so Arduino can find it??

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2020-04-03 2:16 am  

Are you using include "header.h" or <header.h>? You might try the other style and see if it works.  If I remember correctly quotes are for the local project directory and angle brackets are for system directories.

Pat Wicker (Portland, OR, USA)