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Arduino HID libraries for Joysticks  


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2020-09-09 1:21 pm  

Has anyone had any success with NicoHood's HID library? It looks like the only mostly completed one to support a joystick.

I ask because I've been tasked (by "Marty" my little apprentice) with designing a flight yoke, steering wheel, pedals etc.

And while the electronics is anything from simplistic to moderately complex depending on reliability, resolution and so on, the software has me stumped.

I can get Windows to recognise the HID but I can't get it to read any of the analogue inputs which is a massive frustration. Joysticks don't exist by hardware alone - well, USB joysticks don't.

I did try to get a convertor box with a pre-made interface (it's not cheating, it's thinking outside of the box) but what turned up was a wiring convertor for a very small number of sticks from the late 90s which had their own USB drivers on board so they would work in a game port or a USB - although they only came with a gameport plug. Clever fellows thinking that far ahead.

There are other ones, which are like unicorns at the moment, but really, I'd much prefer to be able to send our own digital inputs down the USB2.0 bus and have them read as the USB consortium dictates.

This should be a great project for simmers of all types - not only the possibility to properly connect our old (but functional) analogue sticks via USB but also for those of us crazy/inspired/driven (pick any two) to design and build our own hardware.