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[Closed] Objects Confuse me

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I need help with "Objects".   I just can't seem to get my head around the concept.   I have watched videos about the topic and I can copy a sketch that uses them and make minor modifications which have been successful.  I just can't seem to understand much about them and don't know how or where I should use them.  Working with Arduino is my first experience with this type of programming language.  I've have some past experience with Fortran and BASIC but that was a long time ago.  TIA,  Ted

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Hi Ted

Is this a content suggestion, or are you asking a question?  If it's a question I'll move it into the C++ section so that someone may answer you.  As both BASIC and FORTRAN were not object-oriented languages I can understand your confusion.

Otherwise, if it's a content suggestion we could rephrase it as 'Understanding Object-Oriented Programming" and see what everyone thinks.

Please let me know, thanks!



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