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What i fear about ai

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Not that it will turn on us but that it will become so plug and play that all of the learning will go out of it it's already hard enough to learn about it now if it ends up being sequestered among the companies that make the plug and play systems there wont be much need out here to learn it that's just my opinion 😁👍.

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Not quite sure what you are driving at. What I am seeing is that machine generated media is becoming more anthropomorphic and can fool some more people than it was capable of previously.  I saw a clearly CGI clip of helicopters picking up and hauling loads.  I have been a load guy slinging chopper but even blind Freddie could see it was CGI. Despite this the clip was getting commentary on a BB that was supposedly run by pilots.  Or the Brilliant deep fake Jordan Petersen .... I have worked as a voice actor and I must confess the deep fake was so good it would have got past me.

Regards M

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