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Happy New Year

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Happy New year from me and my family and Roman the robot

Thanks for all your teachings

Robo Pi
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Happy New Year everyone!

I'm very glad to be reporting in in 2021.  There were times in Dec, 2020 that I wasn't sure I'd ever see 2021.  So, hey, I made it.  Yippee! Looking forward to another great year of robotics development.

@angelob, Nice job on Roman. 👍   I'm working on a head for my robot named Alysha.  My avatar is a picture of her face.   Maybe 2021 will be the year she can have finally have a face.

DroneBot Workshop Robotics Engineer

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Happy new year to all of the members.

I hope 2021 will be much better, and I wish you all good health and satisfaction in all your doings.