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Most of the DroneBot videos reference the Arduino Uno and Arduino C code.  Now there are many boards that feature micro-python (wemos, TinyPICO, BBC micro, Piboards , Adafruit feather boards, etc).  A video on using some of these boards would be very interesting I think.

Also, I wonder if the Uno is still the best board upon which to base the videos as there are so many more capable boards in a similar price bracket that can also be used with the Arduino IDE and C code if that remains the preferred demo platform.  Teensy 4, TinyPICO and some others all offer a great deal more than the Uno and maybe its worth considering basing the videos on an alternative platform.   (just a random thought and not a criticism of your videos which represent an invaluable reference ? )

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I think Micro-Python boards and their use is a great idea. I'm accepting this suggestion.

As for the Uno, I'll still be making a lot of use of it in future articles and videos. While you are correct in that there are far more capable boards, the Uno is widely available and for beginners, it is a great way to get started.

But it is time we diversified and worked with other boards as well.

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