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Hand gesture (using mpu 6050) remote control car

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Suggesting an add on to your PS3/ESP32 remote controller current video, can you make a hand gesture remote control car? I've seen others using a MPU-6050 module strapped on a glove or finger strap as the controller. Almost mimicking Iron Man or Magneto powers-lol. I'd like to make this for my little nephew. I could buy one, but what fun is that when you can build one yourself right?

See link. Something similar to this but without the typical remote controller. The car does not have to torque like that, just simple forward, reverse, left and right turns is enough. Also can do away with the mecanum wheels, just plain standard wheel will do. 

similar gesture remote control car

Mahalo, shaka!

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That's a pretty interesting idea, I like it!  Thanks for the suggestion, I'll certainly consider it.

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Mahalo, shaka!

I'm assuming you're in Hawaii? I lived in Honolulu for 9 years, beautiful place!



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