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[Closed] Energy saving

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Saving energy is a good topic, I personally designed an arduino based special air conditionner remote device : basically, a standard remote can control ON OFF VS a timer , mine controls temperature VS timer , meaning: at night ( I live in Thailand so we have 3 air cond every night running) you start at  22H > Temp = 26deg .. after 2 hours ..  00h > T= 27 degree .. then at 01.00 T = 28  degrees.. and the way back in the morning , and I wake up at T= 26 .. this makes me save 12 % of electricity .. very simple to make , arduino+ IR emitter...Bill could spread the idea ???


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You might like to check out the thread I have just started.

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Yes, both of you have essentially suggested the same thing, albeit in a different fashion. And I agree, it is a subject definitely worth covering.  I actually planned on accepting it a few days ago, but I've been busy in the workshop all week and haven't been on the forum much lately.

Energy-saving is quite an important topic, especially these days. Consider it accepted!



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