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Creating UI for ESP32 using SquareLine Studio.

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Hi All,

I would like to submit a suggestion to review the easy way to create an ESP32 display using the SquareLine Studio.

It has completed graphical widgets of different kinds

. You can drag the widget to the display add an Event with a trigger condition, etc. Also, add your pictures. It reminds me of much loved Visual Basic.  

Please Check Elecrow

ESP32 HMI Display Series here 👇

Thank you for your consideration in advance.

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It's a good suggestion. I used Squareline Studio in the video with the Arduino GiGa Display. It is indeed pretty easy to use.

Thanks for suggesting it!



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Unfortunately it seems that LVGL has broken its relationship with Squareline Studio.   Is this still the key tool that people are using to design graphical interfaces for ESP32 screens, or are they using EEZ studio or others?