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How many of you have 3d printers?

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Posted by: @robotbuilder

Would love to be able to justify and afford a 3d printer

Hi @robotbuilder,

Yeah, it took me a long time to finally justify buying one.  

They are great for prototyping though.  If some design doesn’t work out then I can try something else in just a few hours.


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I have a prusa and I usually print with PETG filament and I don't notice any fumes.  Could just be that I have an insensitive snout, but no complaints from the missus on any printer pong. 😎

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@robotbuilder I agree with Ron, filament is going to be your biggest expense. I have tried to use the recycling of bottles but that is a lot of work for not much filament. If money is not problem a 3D printer is the best thing since Coke. I love mine and have built one from scratch. Also not a good idea. It would have been cheaper to buy one than to built it if you take the time and material into consideration.

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I have a couple of them at work.  The latest is a Stratasys F170.  I use them to build adapters and jigs for our team.  I started with a Makerbot 5th Gen, which had several issues with regard to their programming, we bought the service contract, and we (both us an Makerbot) got our money's worth out of it. 

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