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No, it was definitely the wall. The office I shared with Hubert Landry, a piping design engineer from Kellogg only had a skylight.

An anecdote:

Hubert used to surf the internet looking for Aggie jokes.

So one day a project team turns up, some from the site in Algeria and the others from Houston.

A procurement guy called John Roberts from Houston was wearing an elaborate ring, something I had never seen before. So I asked him if it was a collegiate ring, he said "Yes" and that it was from Texas A&M. Me "So you're an Aggie, then". You should have seen his face, horror and surprise rolled into one, as he didn't expect a Brit to come out with something like that!

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I've just started using and teaching myself KiCAD.  I'm running it on both MacOS (main machine) and Ubuntu (lab machine).  So far I'm really enjoying it. It's a great example of what can be accomplished in open source. 

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