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Driving DC Motors with Microcontrollers

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How to use 7 different motor driver modules with an Arduino or any microcontroller. Hookup, code & demonstrations with motors big and small.

Today we will be working with lots of motor drivers and lots of motors!

You’ll see how there are actually three methods used among all of these drivers for controlling speed and direction. Because of this, it’s pretty easy to swap drivers and use a sketch for small motors to be used with much larger ones (or vice-versa).

I’ll be driving everything with a simple Arduino Uno today, but you could use any microcontroller to work with these motor drivers.

The code for all these motors is pretty simple, I’ll show it to you, and I’ll also introduce you to a few libraries that make coding for these motor drivers a breeze. We’ll also check out a motor driver library from Cytron that is a hidden gem, as it can be used with ANY of these drivers!

Here is the Table of Contents for today's video:

00:00 - Introduction
01:17 - DC Motor Driver Basics
08:05 - L298N Dual H-Bridge
16:13 - TB6612FNG Dual H-Bridge
25:24 - DRV8871 Single H-Bridge
31:08 - MX1508 Dual H-Bridge
38:54 - DBH-12 Dual H-Bridge
46:27 - IBT-2 Single H-Bridge
51:17 - MD25HV Single H-Bridge & Controller
1:02:27 - Conclusion

Hope you enjoy this, remember that the article on the DroneBot Workshop website has all the code I used today.

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Good timing, I am just starting to experiment with these.

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