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GPS Modules with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

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@will I have 10 of them, I will gladly mail you one of them if you want a free one. Just message me an address.

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Thanks, but I ordered the 220 and 880 BeiTian modules from Amazon and they're supposed to be delivered tomorrow.

But I appreciate the offer, thanks.

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Hi folks

Please could I have some advice regarding what people have found to be the best priced RTK GPS components to use with a Pixhawk flight controller. There is information on the Ardupilot website but the recommended GPS (UBlox GPS + Compass module) does not appear to be RTK compatible. I am leaning towards a GPS built on the Ublox M8P device but what I have found them to be quite expensive. I think the Sparkfun GPS-RTK Board - Neo-M8P-2 is one of the least expensive and I will need two of them. Any info or advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

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@dronebot-workshop I'm looking forward to any additional reading/videos on the RTK set up!   I have also been looking at the sparkfun version out there.  It seems you would need to buy two of their boards to make a complete set up?  

I'm hoping to make a "poor mans" guidance system for my tractor I use to spray my fields.  I have looked into buying an existing agricultural set up but they are 5k plus, and since we only farm about 100 acres, it isn't feasible for us to buy a of the shelf one, so cue up some engineering skills and a good micro controller!

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Loved the video.  I've been recently working on RTK GPS for a RaspberryPi rover without a base station using the Sparkfun F9P SMA board.  I ran into a couple of issues which eventually led to enabling a hardware UART on the 40 pin bus.  See here;

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