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Arduino IoT Cloud 2021 - Getting Started with Arduino & ESP32

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I have a general question about the Arduino IoT Cloud.  Is it possible to send an alarm to Alexa that can be used to trigger an Alexa Routine ?   Just like the Ring door bell does for instance ?   I want to make a solar powered PIR detector for outside and if this facility exists then the Arduino IoT Cloud would be a great way to implements it.

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I was doing a little research on using alexa for a project of mine, though it was more in the way of some idle musing and I probably wont get to implementing anything for some while if at all.  However one the links I bookmarked for this is the following which may be the sort of info you are looking for.

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@bubbab Yes, Arduino IoT cloud supports Alexa. I am using it in my app right now.

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