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Seeeduino XIAO - 32-bit Arduino-compatible Microcontroller

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Meet the Seeeduino XIAO, a tiny 32-bit Arduino-compatible microcontroller that can be had for only five dollars. This low-current device outperforms the Arduino Uno and can also run CircuitPython!

Article with code and references -

The SAMD21 processor has been used in several popular microcontrollers, and today we’ll look at an extremely tiny and inexpensive implementation - the Seeeduino XIAO.

For only 5-dollars you can get an extremely tiny board that runs at 48MHz, has 11 digital I/O and analog input ports, plus an analog output as well. It has 10 PWM-capable ports, an integrated USB-C jack that also provides power, and every pin supports interrupts.

You can program this little gem using the Arduino IDE or CircuitPython. Today we will be using the Arduino IDE, and I’ll show you how to set it up and use common Arduino code with the XIAO.

Just the basics today, but by the end of the video (and article) you'll understand the basic differences between the XIAO and Arduino, and you’ll probably get lots of ideas for using the XIAO in your next project - I know I’m going to do exactly that!

Here is what we are covering in today's video:

00:00 - Introduction
02:24 - Seeeduino XIAO Intro
08:52 - XIAO size compare
11:20 - XIAO Online Resources
13:41 - Setting up the Arduino IDE
15:39 - Hooking up the XIAO & Blink
18:43 - XIAO - Test Hookup
20:01 - Analog Input Test
24:32 - Digital I/O and Built-in LED test
28:38 - Analog Output Test
33:43 - Using Arduino Libraries (AM2302)

Note that the XIAO is a bit different than the Arduino AVR boards, it is a 3.3-volt logic device and the built-in LED’s are active on LOW signals and not HIGH ones. But for many applications, such as portable or wearable projects, the XIAO’s small size, and minuscule current consumption, will make it an ideal choice.

You’re sure to be seeing more of the XIAO here in the DroneBotWorkshop. Hope you enjoy the video!

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I want to install the seeeduino board, but the library installation failed.
I watch the youtube tutorial and follow the instructions.

14:50(min) in video, It does not offer a choice on my computer ("Seeeduino Xiao")

What do I not know?
Can someone give me a valid link to download the library? (zip)
I am very grateful for the help, every suggestion will save my life.
Thanks ...