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Breadboarding & Prototyping for Electronics, Arduino & Raspberry Pi

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If you’re new to experimenting with electronics, Arduino or Raspberry Pi then this is the video for you. Today I will show you the basics of prototyping using breadboards.

Article at

Today we will look at the design and prototyping process that you need to go through to successfully prototype an experiment or project.

If solderless breadboards and Arduino prototyping shields are new to you then this video and its accompanying article are what you need to get started.

Even if you’ve done a lot of breadboarding I’ll also be showing off a few breadboard accessories, some of them homemade, so you may pick up an idea for what to stock your own workbench with.

Starting with the design process I'll then go into the basics of solderless breadboards. They come in a number of different sizes and configurations, I’ll be showing off some of the ones I use.

Next, we will look at Arduino-specific prototyping accessories. Things like Interface Shields, Screw Shields, and prototyping boards. While most are intended for the Uno I will also show you items for the Mega 2560, the Nano, and a homemade jig I created for working with the Arduino Pro Mini.

We follow that with Raspberry-Pi accessories. Keep in mind that several SBCs use the Raspberry Pi GPIO, so these are useful beyond the Pi. Again I'll show you a combination of store-bought and homemade accessories.

Then we take a look at cables and simple test equipment that can be useful, if not essential, to troubleshooting and experimenting.

Finally, we end with a quick look at perfboard, the next step after you have everything working on the breadboard.

Here is the Table of Contents if you want to skip ahead:

00:00 - Introduction
02:05 - Design Process
04:37 - Solderless Breadboards
15:29 - Arduino Prototyping Tools
22:20 - Raspberry Pi Prototyping Tools
26:37 - Wires & Test Equipment
33:00 - Perfboard

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