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Raspberry Pi Remote Camera with motionEyeOS

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Andy Nash
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I'd like to know why the videos of this  project are jogging.

Anybody know ?

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You mean video of people jogging?

For anyone wanting to know about motioneyeos


I bought a Pi NoIR Camera V2 along with a Raspberry Pi but never got around to doing anything with the camera. I played with reading buttons and turning LEDs on/off using the Raspberry Pi using its GPIO pins but since then it has been collecting dust over the last year. Always lots of fun stuff to do with electronics these days!


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I have a question to which I already have a solution but I would like to know if there a "technically more correct" (i.e. less overhead) solution.

I have multiple (like 5) ESPcams with Tasmota on it that stream their camera as mjpeg.

I'm planning to install a Raspberry Pi and connect it to a HDMI port of a TV. I will be using a Desktop version on which I will install docker with MotionEye container. On that I will configure the desktop to start chromium (or Midori) and opening MotionEye locally. This way the person I prepare this for (who is not tech savvy) just has to open his TV and switch to the correct HDMI port to watch the live streamings.

Does anybody have a better idea?