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The Arduino Family - Uno - Mega - Nano - Pro Mini -ATtiny85

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The Arduino Uno is definitely the most popular Arduino board, it’s been used in thousands of different designs and is usually the Arduino you buy when you first get started. But the Uno is not the only member of the Arduino Family, it’s just one of many boards that you can use in your projects.

In this video I take a look at some of the more popular Arduino (and clone) boards):

00:00 - Introduction
06:04 - The Arduino Uno - the old faithful workhorse that everyone loves
10:28 - The Arduino Mega - the Big Daddy with more I/O ports than you’ll know what to do with
12:43 - The Arduino Nano - A powerful board in a small package
17:10 - The Arduino Pro-Mini - Another great option when you don’t need a USB port
20:38 - The Digispark ATtiny85 - A micro-sized board with lots of applications
23:20 - The Atmel ATmega328 - the heart of the Arduino Uno
26:13 - The Atmel ATtiny85 - small and easy to use, the baby of the family

So come on into the workshop and meet the family!

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