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Soldering the Raspberry Pi Zero GPIO Connector - Quick Tip

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Here is an easy way to solder the 40-pin GPIO headers onto a Raspberry Pi Zero.

Complete instructions at

The Raspberry Pi Zero and the new Raspberry Pi Zero W are amazing little microcomputers that come at a rock bottom price - 5 dollars for a Pi Zero and 10 bucks for the WiFi & Bluetooth equipped Pi Zero W. But one of the things that both of these little miracles lack is a 40-pin GPIO header.

If you're going to add a Raspberry Pi HAT to your Pi Zero or Pi Zero W then you’ll need to solder in a GPIO Header yourself. It’s a pretty simple job, the hardest part is getting the header in straight and supporting the whole assembly while you make the 40 solder connections.

That’s where this Quick Tip comes in. I’ll show you a way to hold the header and the Pi in place while you solder the whole thing together. Unlike some other instructions, I DO NOT recommend using a solderless breadboard to hold the header, for reasons that I explain in the video. The method I’ll show you is quick and efficient and will ensure that your Pi Zero GPIO is installed correctly every time.

So warm up your soldering iron, get out your Pi Zero and a header strip, and follow along! For full instructions see the article at

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